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Discussion articles

  • 11 ways to improve landing pages
    "A landing page is the page visitors arrive at after clicking on your promotional creative. Your landing page has to convince the visitor to stay."
    (Michael Nguyen, Digital Web Magazine)

  • Another usability tool: marketing
    "Desire influences perceptions of usability, just as usability influences levels of desire. And that's why it is vital for usability and marketing professionals to work together."
    (Andrew Swartz, Usability News)

  • Designing from the user's experience
    "Analyzing customer needs and market trends are essential competencies for managing complex design projects. However, after confirming user needs through market research, design teams often focus on the product, neglecting users until completing the product, or at best, usability testing. From consumer goods to websites, many design-driven projects limit front-end analysis to market research, focus groups, or concept demonstrations. While these approaches are necessary, they overlook the opportunity for designing from understanding the user's authentic experience."
    (Peter H Jones, DMI News)

  • Internet marketing motto: be useful
    "E-marketing is about substance over show, logic over emotion, and text over graphics. Good web marketers follow the Google motto: be useful. Web marketing is a daily grind of doing lots and lots of simple things well. It's about being useful. It's about creating a website that is convenient and fast., eBay, and Google are mega brands that have achieved their positions by having a genuine focus on serving the customer."
    (Gerry McGovern, New Thinking)

  • Is your home page immature?
    "Every large corporation has a marketing strategy that outlines what it wants to say to customers, but many of them still aren't using their homepages effectively to highlight that message. It takes time to get people, workflows, and money behind online branding and marketing, and it takes a solid plan. Moreover, someone at the executive level must set up a process to replace the continual political fighting, or the homepage will remain a wasteland of pixels fiercely guarded by internal teams, but mostly skipped over by customers."
    (Indi Young, Adaptive Path)

  • Market research and usability
    "Usability evaluation is one type of market research but it is not the most frequently used technique. In this article, I introduce some of the more common techniques and what you might expect to learn about a document by using them. I'll use the example of a car owner's manual--the small book that comes with a car, and explains things like how to change the oil and what the switches mean."
    (Caroline Jarrett, STC Usability SIG)

  • Much ado about sex and web sites
    "Do web sites have genders? And, if they do, what implications would this have for the effectiveness of the brands?"
    (Kath Straub, Human Factors International)

  • Put your money where the experience is: spending on customer experience vs advertising
    "Should you invest in marketing and advertising activities to boost the traffic to your web site? Or should you invest in improving the customer experience of your web site? These aren't mutually exclusive goals, of course. But which makes more sense as a starting point? Let me put it this way: If you were throwing a party, wouldn't you clean up your house before you invited people over?"
    (Eric Myers, Improving Customer Experience)

  • Seize the occasion
    "Our detailed study of several thousand Internet users uncovered seven discreet usage-based segments--or occasions--each defined by a widely shared, yet distinct, behavioral pattern that revealed how users 'consumed' the Internet on these occasions. The study indicates that users' activities and behaviors during different Internet sessions, regardless of the users' demographic and attitudinal characteristics, show propensities specific enough to be predictive, within the context of a well-developed online marketing plan."
    (Horacio D Rozanski, Gerry Bollman & Martin Lipman, Strategy + Business)

  • The "design" part of search-friendly design
    "Having a search engine-friendly site design is one concept. Having a search-friendly design is a similar concept. But what happened to the 'design' part of search-engine friendly design? When did positioning become more important than the user experience?"
    (Shari Thurow, ClickZ)

  • The enterprise user experience: bridging the IT/marketing divide
    "In a growing number of cases, corporations are creating new UX positions such as VP, User Experience or User Experience Director. Where this is not the case, tech-savvy marketers or marketing-savvy technologists will likely lead user experience. In either case, enterprise user experience is a cross-discipline practice in a world where old categories are breaking down and agility and dynamism are taking hold."
    (Bob Goodman, UX Matters)